Early morning feedings, play time and bed time rituals are all firmly established despite the fact nobody has bothered to name this little boy and girl.

It doesn’t seem to bother either of them, however. Both respond to virtually any name, the slightest hint of kindness or even a look their way.

They seem to know it’s their best chance not just to find a home, but to simply survive.

That’s a dog’s life.

And, while I don’t normally see myself as a crusader for puppy power and protection, seeing these panting partners waddle up with literally nowhere to go raises more than a little ire.

There’s just something wrong with a person who buys a puppy, or agrees to take care of it, and then simply leaves it behind or throws it out or – I’ve no idea what goes through their heads.

Can a person really be callous in just one area, but a genuine nice person in all the others? Wouldn’t that be a perfect example of being two-faced? Or worse?

Anyhow, this story actually starts a few weeks ago with the hard-to-figure actions of an unknown number of folks who apparently dumped a small pug and a little dachshund that looks like its trying to imitate an exceedingly tiny lab.

They both whined, shivered and stood back for a couple of days, caught between fear of past experiences, hunger and the need for help.

Now these two little bitty buddies romp and play, roll and leap, all collectively maybe 15 pounds of them.

They know there’s food, a place to sleep out of the elements and sometimes a word or two directed their way or a squeaky toy to chase with someone willing to take the time to watch.

That’s mighty important in a dog’s life too.

But it’s just not enough.

There are some dogs that don’t mind laying on the front porch all day watching the world go by – but they seem to be the larger breeds, more certain in their place in this world.

But when you’re little bitty? You need a little bit more.

These two are the kind you expect to see cuddled up with someone kicked back in a lounge chair or scampering around the yard with a little human or two before curling up at the end of a bed.

Just sit for a minute, you’ve got a little buddy right there.

But these two don’t have a human – at least not full time. For now they’re more neighborhood dogs, last week bundled up in a pothole shivering in the chill wind until somebody came back and noticed they were around.

It’s a sad story thus far.

And, that, El Campo readers is why I share it.

There’s someone out there who can provide a happy ending with a phone call, a welcoming home and the time and willingness to care.

In the case of these two little bitty buddies, the person to call is Leeanna Shimek at 979-332-8434.

She’s not an official dog rescuer. She’s just one of the folks in the community doing her best to help the two pups brave enough to walk up and ask with a whimper.

It’s not her first act of kindness. It may not be her last. But it’s time for these little doggies to make the next step.

Wharton County has several organizations that try their best to help as well including the El Campo animal shelter and Wharton County SPOT (Stray Pet Outreach Team). They both do good work and would love to have a few extra volunteers or dollars if you can spare time or funds.

Don’t fret though, you don’t have to be an animal rights advocate, you don’t have to dedicate hours upon hours or thousands of dollars to do that sort of effort.

You ought, however, to consider paying a bit of attention the next time a dog or cat crawls up trying to decide whether to flee in fear or ask for help.

There’s a whole lot of dern good would-be pets out there that may lack pedigrees, but would be mighty proud to call your place home.

So, anybody got room for two little bitty doggies?

– Shannon Crabtree is editor & publisher of the El Campo Leader-News.

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