Editor, the Leader-News:

In my opinion the Dems and biased media want the pandemic and the violent protest to last as long as possible.

It is now unsafe to travel to any large city in America. Not one Democratic leader has spoken up against the violent protests, in fact, many actually support these violent riots.

What started out as peaceful protests are now overrun by antifa and George Soros paid rioters. These college brats from the “time-out” generation are running wild in the city streets destroying everything in their path. These brats obviously never heard the sound of a leather belt being pulled through the belt-loops of a pair of Wranglers.

In World War II, these same college age kids were storming the beaches of Normandy and charging up the hills of Iwo Jima defending America. Now this same age group has to have a safe place to go cry if someone says something that hurts their feelings. They would rather destroy America’s history instead of reading about it. Abraham Lincoln was murdered because he freed the slaves. These kids now want to call him a racist.

Parents; keep a close watch on your kids attending college. Many professors are poisoning their thoughts. Teaching them socialism instead of a free democracy is the way to go.

Our children are the future of America. Don’t let them be taught to hate it.

Everyone please support the men and women in “blue” that help keep us safe and vote out these Democratic governors and mayors that want to defund our police.

Stand up for your rights and be proud to be an American. There is no other country in the world where so many different ethnic and cultural groups live together as one under the flag of freedom and where you are allowed with hard work to pursue your dreams.

Earl Yackel

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