Editor, the Leader-News:

It should not be surprising that Republicans are not interested in looking at evidence of election fraud and a possible stolen election considering their origin. Let’s look at the record of the first Republican president.

The constitution allows for congress and only congress to suspend Habeas Corpus and yet he did it and got away with it. The constitution does not allow for silencing the press and yet 300 Northern newspapers were shut down, about half by orders of the president, the rest by the military.

Here is the real kicker. If you have read about the debates going on during the constitutional convention, you would know how the former colonists felt about the military harassing the people.

If you do not, a look at the constitution will give you the idea.

Congress must maintain a navy, but it does not have to maintain an army. Every two years, it must decide how much money to spend on one and I don’t see a restriction from voting for 0 dollars.

The states, however, must maintain trained military regiments. The second amendment exists solely to prevent the federal government from disarming the states’ military.

This amendment protects AK-47s, but it does not protect .22 rifles.

“In order to maintain a well armed militia ....” There is nothing about maintaining a good supply of squirrel meat.

For the founders, the idea of a federal government sending the military against a state government was akin to blasphemy. Four states seceded because of that breach of the constitution.

So, if Republicans have a hard time appearing as conservatives and defenders of the grail, it is because by nature they are not.

Lynn D Talafuse


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