A whole lot of grumbling is going around right now with the city’s drive-and-drop recycling station going the way of the Dodo.

Far too many not-exactly-brilliant souls, you see, decided to use the station as a trash dumpster. I suppose, however, we really should give these can’t-read-the-sign folks credit for not just dropping it on the ground or tossing it out the proverbial window.

What now, is, of course, the question.

Does recycling forever become one of those “used to” activities in El Campo like butter churning, well digging and driving those “neato” bicycles with the really big wheel?

Or, do we find a solution to the problem?

If you want recycling, you’ll need to give it some thought.

Having a drop-off recycling station completely unattended obviously does not work. City staff spend too much time, officials say, trying to clear out the garbage and compress the rest. All too often, it still turns out to be too contaminated to be accepted at one of those nifty little places that sort out the “single stream” items into paper, plastic and the like.

So what’s next?

Council, hopefully after visiting with their constituents, decided a year or so ago that El Campo is just too dern trashy to only have one curbside collection day per week with the other going to recycling – even if it was cheaper.

What else could work?

Before the “single stream” drop-off point, the county had separate bins over there for paper, plastic and, I think maybe, glass? How well did that work?

Or what about a semi-manned site out there at the Citizen’s Collection Station where you can drop off just about anything? That would have to be with, of course, a promise (no fingers crossed behind your back) from our trash guys that it would be recycled.

Do we urge council to set up something at the service center to ensure everything dropped, and the folks who toss it, are on candid camera?

Or do with just stop worrying about the whole thing and toss everything in the garbage can and all turn into the litter police snapping photos of all the toss-out-the-window or on-the-ground folks?

One thing is for certain. If you want the program back, you simply chanting recycling three times at midnight and waiting for it to reappear won’t work. Feel free, however, to try.

Instead, you’ll have to come up with some realistic suggestions on how to make it work without winding up with a bagful of dirty diapers or a stained mattress.

Isn’t participatory government fun?


Cats are actually little Martians right? This orange and white house cat somebody dumped on my front door has got to be an alien. All I can figure out is “feed me” and “I want in.”

The dang thing just appears out of thin air, seems to like sleeping with the porch “night light” on and stalking and pouncing upon absolutely nothing.

Four mice, two sparrows, one dove and an absolutely huge wood roach have been bestowed upon me by this meowing, furry little cat. I’m told, this is a good thing?


So, what, true love equals a dead rabbit and six turkeys?

Surely, someone out there wants a fixed kitty cat who likes to sit on your lap and purr, one who really wants to go back to being a house pet?

Warning: the kitty will start becoming column fodder if left in my care.

How about some help here folks?


– Shannon Crabtree is editor & publisher of the El Campo Leader-News.

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