Editor, the Leader-News:

I’ve been thinking about how our society has gotten to where we are today.

We have let apathy creep in our lives, not only in the national scene, but also in our homes, our schools and our churches.

The absolute worship by society for sports has made sport figures think they are gods.

What has happened to us? We have allowed sports, professional sports and the people who play them to treat us, our country and our flag with such hatred and disrespect.

The NFL, for example was finally allowed to play and look what they did when it came time for the National Anthem to honor our country – THEIR COUNTRY – they either stayed in the locker rooms or knelt, were totally disrespectful and decided they needed their own National Anthem.

This is the same country that pays them stipends for their stadiums and sports arenas - to the tune of more than $100 million in stadium subsidies, and in some cases have financed the entire enterprises.

That’s mine and YOUR tax dollars paying for them to kneel.

Former NFL coach and Hall of Famer Mike Ditka said it right, “If you can’t respect this country, then get the hell out of it.” It’s time to pull that plug!

These “players” have continued to receive their millions of dollars throughout the pandemic while tens of millions of American people lost their jobs, homes and in some cases lives. It’s about time we started worshiping the right things in life.

Be examples and show our children and grandchildren a thing about honor and true respect.

We all have the power to change things – turn off the televisions, Internet, phones, radio and stop buying their tickets and promotional shirts and crap. Bet things would change when the team players’ and owners’ pockets start emptying. They’ll wake up.

So next Sunday instead of spending your “family time” watching football or before you load up your cars for the next ballgame, try something a little different. Take a turn into your church instead. Be the example and teach your children something that has real meaning. I’ll wager that God doesn’t take a knee – which one do you worship?

Just wonderin’

Donnie Roddy

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