You can tell a whole lot about a person by the way they treat the pets and/or livestock of those around them.

It’s a mighty small man who thinks the best way to handle a dog, horse or cow is to terrify the poor animal into doing what they want. You’ve just got to wonder if that’s where the problems start for the next generation.

Mistreat livestock? What do you do with your family?

And a woman who can’t take care of a dog? Or cat? Or horse? It sure makes you wonder how she treats the kids. Worse, what lessons they’ll take into adulthood.

jjjj mmmmm MMMMjj Mmm

You might have noticed a few extra “j”s and “m”s in this particular column. For those, you can thank the cat mmmjjj jjjm who insists on helping with this piece.

Someone ought to (And, yes, I’ll try to limit the zippy one liners from this point on.)

Anyway, the most recent stray to show up at Casa Crabtree is an orange and jjj white jjjj mmmm who decided the house of a dog lover was the “purrfect” place to be a few months ago.

Unfortunately mmmm don’t speak cat jjj MMMM jjjJJJJmmm MMMM!!

She does, however, mmm jjj seem to have quite a bit to jjj say, especially mmm when it’s mmmm time to bang out a column on the old keyboard.

(Could someone please mmm jjj jjj jjj explain to me why mmm?)

The cat jjj, for mmm, jjj showed up on the front porch one day during a big storm and literally knocked.

Given several hundred encouragements over the course of several months to “go home,” it decided to do just that, walking in, picking out a couple of favorite spots and mmmm settling in. (Oddly, I’ve had humans do that before too).

“Home is not a place ... it’s a feeling,” jjjj mmmm mmm jjj mmm is one of those greeting card quotes that I hope most folks can relate to.

There’s a lot of places you might feel welcome in, but then there’s .... mmm jjj ... like home. 

“Home is not where you are from mmmjjj MMM, it is where you belong ....” is another jjj one of those greeting card quotes.

It’s a place that animals, just like humans, seek mmm jjj and, jj mmm mmmm mmmm mmm hopefully find.

The cat, or Cat, or Ket, or whatever the heck I’m supposed to call this fuzzy thing, apparently has very jjj jjj jjjjjjjjjjj strong feelings about mmmjjjj jjjjmmmmmnnnbnb about that – as I suppose we all should.

After all, home takes work.

It’s not just tap our toes three times and we’re back in  (wherever the heck we come from jjjj MMMM Jjjjj MMMM MMM MMm JJJ) since most of us lack magical shoes.

Home takes that person who can care for a kid, a spouse, a parent, grandparent, neighbor or maybe jjjjjust jjjmmmmjjj jjjj mmm the cat that showed up in the storm.

It takes courage and a whole lot of strength to do those simple things.

To bellow, scream and threaten? All it takes is a lack of self control – and that my friends is generally considered a weakness no matter how big the person mmm jjj mmm who mmm jjj does the shouting.

A cat with a determined paw ..mmmmmjjjj mmmjjjm jjjjjjJJJmmmJJJj doesn’t mmmmJJJmm JJJJJmmmJmJmJM. Right?




– Shannon Crabtree is editor & publisher of the El Campo Leader-News.

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