Editor, the Leader-News:

In the last two or three decades, our country has been moving slowly, but surely, away from the Judeo-Christian teachings of the founders of our country. Each of these men avowed their reliance on God and desired his guidance.

In the near future, we will select leaders for our country, not only on the national level, but state and municipal as well.

Our job will be to check out those running for office. Do their views mesh with the principles set out by the founding fathers?

Honestly, rule of law, truthfulness, responsibility, love, equality, patience, respect for others and our country – these are just a few of the characteristics I thought of.

If all of those who process to be Christians will do their part, we will be able to reverse this trend.

A Christian is someone who accepts Jesus Christ as the son of God and the Bible as God’s inspired work.

My challenge is that we study the candidates, then vote.

Glenda Houston


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