Editor, the Leader-News:

I think the citizens of El Campo would like to know how the work on Sue Street is progressing.

First, the city brought in a maintainer to cut the grass back from the asphalt roadway (from one foot to 1 1/2 feet).

Then the city brought in an excavator to dig out the asphalt in front of all the concrete driveways and fill the holes with limestone. Why - to make it bumpy to drive into our home driveways?

Now comes the painting. The city then painted all manhole covers green. Then, they painted all water main cutoffs blue. Then the city decided that wasn’t good so they painted the edges of the cutoffs orange. Then they came back and painted the home water meters trim in blue.

Still not satisfied - the city came back again and painted just where the water lines ran in front of the homes.

The last trip for painting came when they painted the tops of all the sewer PVC connection sgreen and the sewer lines in the street green as well. I guess that was the last bit of painting.

But now, thousands of orange flags have been added to decorate the sides of the road.

We are still waiting for some work on the street itself. The street is still horrible, but it looks colorful.

Mike Wagner

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