Lower costs under Trump

not reported by national media

Editor, the Leader-News:

I have to honestly say I’ve never seen anything positive reported about the Trump administration on ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN.

The Dems and the media were all so sure the Mueller report was going to destroy Trump. For two years, they said the President committed treason, was a Russian spy, and obstructed justice. They knew the stories were false, but reported them anyway.

Well here’s another positive story you won’t see on the main-stream media about the President.

Trump’s White House staff totals 377 employees. 140 fewer than Obama. Salaries are approximately $35 million vs. Obama’s $61 million.

The First Lady Melania has only five staffers while Michele Obama had 44 working for her.

President Trump has donated his 2019 salary of $400,000 to the Department of the Interior. There it was specified to be used for construction and repairs for military cemeteries.

Make Memorial Day Great Again !

Earl Yackel


‘Smartt’ work makes city’s

downtown burst with color

Editor, the Leader-News:

Thanks to Bill Smartt and the hard working BEEs members for providing beautiful splashes of colorful blossoms all over downtown.

Bill tries his best to not be very visible while performing his tasks, but his results show visitors that people in El Campo truly care about this place.

It doesn’t just happen by magic. There is a lot of Smartt work going on.

Leon Macha

The Practical Southern Gardener

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