Editor, the Leader-News:

I went into a store to deliver a food gift card to be delivered to a veteran in our town.

The gentleman I talked to asked me if I had a wheelchair that could be borrowed for a couple of days at Christmas.

I did not have a wheelchair, but I was asked to find one for a man in need. The man that needed the wheelchair needed to use it on Christmas so that he could sit and be in the same room with his family (He had a large wheelchair, but it would not go through the door. One was needed that was no more then 31 inches wide).

I started looking for a wheelchair. I called the KULP Trading Post, the EMS, Hospice, the hospital and everyone I could think of but to no avail.

Every place I went I mentioned the need for a wheelchair. I went to Second Time Around to look for a chair – they had none.

When I went out to my car many people were coming in and out of the store so I opened the trunk of my car because I give away coats and stuffed toys out of my trunk every year.

I gave many coats and toys away and I was telling every one that I needed a wheelchair.

One lady not thinking of herself, took several of the stuffed toys and was going to give them to elderly people that she sat with at the nursing home. Another lady (whom I had given a coat to but did not know) said she had a new wheelchair that had never been used (because her husband had died) and that I could have it.

I followed her home and got this wonderful wheelchair, the right size, with tags still on it. It was delivered immediately. God works in mysterious ways. What a blessing! Miracles do still happen!

I want to thank all who have contributed in any way to this Ministry of helping others. We have such a giving, caring community that I am grateful to be a part of.

Let us all remember and NOT forget the true meaning of Christmas – Jesus. We are to do as He would have us do ... feed the poor; give to those less fortunate; be kind and loving to one another.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy and blessed Christmas!

Ann Strarup, founder

Helping Hands Ministry

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